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Destiny’s kale

Meet the Beyonce of kale! I was wondering a month ago who was alive under all that snow… what gruesome green creature might emerge. And here we have it: Destiny’s kale. She’s a survivor! She’s not goin’ give up! I … Continue reading

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Winter, let loose your icy grip!

Happy Easter, shugs! I just found it funny that the snow in my yard has now melted almost everywhere EXCEPT the garden. The snow is like… you want in here? Too bad! I can’t wait to see if my “late-season” … Continue reading

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That’s why they call it window pain…

Yep, it really is over. I love how these once-hopeful plant markers now look like little headstones. Oh, New England. I love your beautiful winter grimness. Meant to post this a few weeks ago, when the first big snow hit … Continue reading

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A little re-leaf… please!

Ba da bump. Uggghhhh… guess what I did this weekend? Yep. This is just one of about six mammoth piles of leaves I raked up and carted to the “compost” pile. (Compost is in quotes because I just throw a … Continue reading

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It ain’t over til’ everything’s dead!

So, remember those seeds trays I was fussing with a few weeks ago? Well… some of them actually turned into plants, so I threw them into the big, poison-free garden patch. Kale, cabbage, carrots, beans, cucumber, onion, peas, beets, swiss … Continue reading

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