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Weeeee are not amused: does neglecting royal roses = vandalism?

Apparently HRH The Prince of Wales’ divine powers do not extend to granting eternal beauty to royal roses. Witness the demise of this once-prestigious rose garden in Dundee, Scotland, which contained “Peacekeeper Roses” planted by (pretty sure that’s a very … Continue reading

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Dog pee delusions? Or poisoned patch?

Ever hate a neighbor? This story takes over-the-fence feuds to a whole new level. And this time, plants were caught in the crossfire. Guy Stephen Brinkley, a 43-year-old Knoxville, Tenn., gardener, is making news for accusing neighbors of poisoning his … Continue reading

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Flower jackers part II: speaking of cabbage

It’s time to talk a little more about my flower jacking obsession, especially after the mysterious incident with my Celosia yesterday. (I told my genius floral designer best friend it looked like the two survivors had been tipped and she … Continue reading

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Do bee do bee do

To fully embrace Independence Day, I finally threw out all my old plants. Yes, the same deader-than-dead stems that grace my blog header, which have been “living” on my basement shelves and planting table all winter. Not really sure why I hung on to the crispy, dried-out … Continue reading

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