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That’s why they call it window pain…

Yep, it really is over. I love how these once-hopeful plant markers now look like little headstones. Oh, New England. I love your beautiful winter grimness. Meant to post this a few weeks ago, when the first big snow hit … Continue reading

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News flash: it was cold last night, bitches!

Fitchburg, Mass. — A vibrant bed of innocent, unsuspecting coleus was destroyed last night, as the region’s first truly low temperatures wreaked havoc on summer annuals misfortunate enough to be outside. Friday’s overnight low was forecasted to dip to 28 … Continue reading

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Feelin’ farmy

Very busy in plant land this long weekend. Feeling very farmy/mad scientist.* Proud and relieved to say that my basement farm is finally in order… I feel ready for winter, mostly. (Except for all those unplanted tulip bulbs… sigh.) Prior … Continue reading

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Tater surprise

I have been a TERRIBLE blogger* lately. And an equally appalling gardener. OK, now that’s out of the way. Here come the excuses… First, the FREAK Halloween snow… the cold… the power outage (less than 24 hours for us, admittedly). … Continue reading

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Meet me in the orangerie

I am still in a dream state from my visit to Tower Hill Botanic Garden last weekend, where I crashed the American Begonia Society’s propagation class. After checking out the prize-winning begonias and gesneriads, I wandered into this magical place… … Continue reading

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Effing frost?

Had a little scare yesterday that led to a major plant evacuation operation last night. Someone posted a little Boston Globe piece on Facebook that claimed a FROST might be coming our way. Yikes! Given all my sweet little plans … Continue reading

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Don’t know how to quit yeeeeew

I am tiiiiiiiired. Spent all day running around, trying to prepare for whatever Hurricane Irene’s bringing our way tomorrow. I was super nerdy today. Got my little Red Cross check list and did… some of it. (Decided to forgo boarding … Continue reading

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