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Forever in green pastures, we ask our way to be

How would St. Francis, patron saint of critters and nature, explain the American obsession with lawn care to God? My mom emailed this piece to me, forwarded by a friend, and from a quick search of the tubes, I can’t … Continue reading

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Politics, not plants: locally yokelly

Just returned from the local city council candidate debate at Fitchburg State University. I honestly had no plans to write about this. I just went to support my candidate and friend, Dolores Thibault-Muñoz, who knocked it outta the paaaaaaahhhhk, by … Continue reading

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Slain in the spirit

Reading a very helpful and interesting book called “New England Gardener’s Resource” and stumbled across this gem today. (Ah, the Sunday of a three-day weekend… you make time for such deep philosophical considerations…) In a section on yard waste, mother-daughter … Continue reading

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Paysha and the weedstalk

I think this might be the tallest weed in the world. I went on the Guinness Book of World Records site, though, and all I found was this giant cucumber, grown by Clare Pearce in the UK last year. And … Continue reading

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Monkey Cup swallows blue tit

I don’t know what’s weirder about this Huffington Post story: that a plant can actually eat a bird or that there’s a bird named the blue tit. Either way, it’s pretty Little Shop of Horrors! These little blue feathers sticking … Continue reading

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Do bee do bee do

To fully embrace Independence Day, I finally threw out all my old plants. Yes, the same deader-than-dead stems that grace my blog header, which have been “living” on my basement shelves and planting table all winter. Not really sure why I hung on to the crispy, dried-out … Continue reading

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