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Wanted: plant thieves with “cojones the size of bowling balls”

So… it’s been awhile since I shared any botanical crime news. But this story out of East Hampton, N.Y., is kinda crazy. Both for what was stolen — 60 ostrich fern plants (sixty!) — and for the gardener’s reaction. Enraged … Continue reading

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Destiny’s kale

Meet the Beyonce of kale! I was wondering a month ago who was alive under all that snow… what gruesome green creature might emerge. And here we have it: Destiny’s kale. She’s a survivor! She’s not goin’ give up! I … Continue reading

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News flash: it was cold last night, bitches!

Fitchburg, Mass. — A vibrant bed of innocent, unsuspecting coleus was destroyed last night, as the region’s first truly low temperatures wreaked havoc on summer annuals misfortunate enough to be outside. Friday’s overnight low was forecasted to dip to 28 … Continue reading

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Give peas a chance

And in the categories of World Gone Mad/Public Officials Who Apparently Don’t Have Any Real Problems to Solve, comes this crazy garden story of a Canadian couple whose awesome kitchen garden is in VIOLATION of town codes. The Huff Post … Continue reading

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$150,000 in shrubs. Shrubs.

I’m a little floored by yesterday’s news that Boston police hauled off more than 50 Occupy Wall Street protestors from the Rose Kennedy Greenway all creepy, in the night. Not because these malcontents got arrested… they’d been there a week … Continue reading

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Fermented fruit fells boozy moose

Fermented apples? Just amble away! Look what happened to this poor moose, who got all snockered eating rotten apples and then got stuck in the tree. (I hate to make a Scandinavian slur here, but this moose is Swedish. As … Continue reading

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Labor Day, fer real

I started out the holler-day weekend right with a full day of yard work… today? Yesterday? (I guess it’s the wee hours of Sunday now, so we’ll just say Saturday.) I felt like I had not been out there for … Continue reading

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