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Ya’ll know I’m no master gardener. But some neglect makes even me wince. Or feel superior. Or both. This formerly lovely hosta came to this state in the parking lot of my son’s preschool, which is located in the basement … Continue reading

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Give peas a chance

And in the categories of World Gone Mad/Public Officials Who Apparently Don’t Have Any Real Problems to Solve, comes this crazy garden story of a Canadian couple whose awesome kitchen garden is in VIOLATION of town codes. The Huff Post … Continue reading

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$150,000 in shrubs. Shrubs.

I’m a little floored by yesterday’s news that Boston police hauled off more than 50 Occupy Wall Street protestors from the Rose Kennedy Greenway all creepy, in the night. Not because these malcontents got arrested… they’d been there a week … Continue reading

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Meet me in the orangerie

I am still in a dream state from my visit to Tower Hill Botanic Garden last weekend, where I crashed the American Begonia Society’s propagation class. After checking out the prize-winning begonias and gesneriads, I wandered into this magical place… … Continue reading

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Down the rabbit hole: plantkiller in begonia land

I stumbled into a strange and oddly exhilarating world yesterday… the secret society of Begonia lovers. (OK, it’s not so secret. The Buxton Branch of the American Begonia Society meets at the Wellesley Library and even advertises co-potlucks with the … Continue reading

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Funny fakey flora

I’ve been driving by these really pretty plants for a few months now on Route 12 in Fitchburg. They made my head snap. I kept wondering… what are they? Is that some kind of really tall and skinny variegated Hosta? … Continue reading

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Schadenfreude shrubs

Schadenfreude is definitely the best word in the German language. Maybe any language. For those not familiar, it means something along the lines of “glee at another’s misfortune.” Only Germans would create a word so underhandedly mean, so deliciously evil. … Continue reading

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