Winter, let loose your icy grip!


Happy Easter, shugs!

I just found it funny that the snow in my yard has now melted almost everywhere EXCEPT the garden. The snow is like… you want in here? Too bad!

I can’t wait to see if my “late-season” kale is still alive under there. Or — even creepier — if it comes back.

Return of the living kale!

kale monster

Like all New Englanders, who soldiered bravely through feet and feet and months of months of relentless snow this winter, I am READY for spring.



About plantkiller

Paysha Rhone is a wife, mother, former-journalist-turned-PR-maven and bad mamajama killing plants in the Victorian splendor of Fitchburg, Massachusetts.
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One Response to Winter, let loose your icy grip!

  1. Heather says:

    It’s finally spring-like today. Woot! I just went out and checked my spinach to see if it’s come back to life – mostly it has not. But you bring up a good point. Did I really *want* zombie salad?

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