Water. Duh.

Remember that Hosta I was agonizing over a few weeks ago? The one suffering a slow death in the parking lot of my son’s preschool (in a church, no less) because no one would plant or water it?

To refresh your memory:

Well, I have a confession to make.

After someone tossed it on the side of the parking lot and left it for dead, I scooped up that poor little Hosta and threw it in the back of my car. That’s what it looks like now, in the first picture, above. Thriving! (Though strangely, not looking very stripey anymore.)

Ironically, I haven’t decided where to plant it yet, so it’s been sitting on a coconut planter liners for a few weeks. But it looks pretty happy, nonetheless.

Never thought I’d stoop to plant-jacking, but this just felt right. I couldn’t stand seeing the little guy go down like that. And I am not sure it really constitutes jacking when it was clearly tossed away. (Am I justifying my rescue action? Yes!)

No regrets!

(And yeah, it feels damn good to be a plant hero for once, not just a plant killer.)


About plantkiller

Paysha Rhone is a wife, mother, former-journalist-turned-PR-maven and bad mamajama killing plants in the Victorian splendor of Fitchburg, Massachusetts.
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2 Responses to Water. Duh.

  1. Nicole says:

    Baby leaves=no stripes. I’m pretty sure of that one. I just learned that hostas don’t grow where the ground doesn’t get a hard freeze. Cool, huh? Fab rescue. We once left a pile of dug up hostas in our garage in a brown bag for 3 weeks. No light, no water. Decided we wanted to use a few of the plants after all, so we stuck them in the ground even though they looked dead. They survived! You have to love this plant.

  2. plantkiller says:

    Wow! That’s crazy. I have a ton of plain green and want to get more varieties. Good to know, on the stripes. This is my kind of plant!

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