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Weeeee are not amused: does neglecting royal roses = vandalism?

Apparently HRH The Prince of Wales’ divine powers do not extend to granting eternal beauty to royal roses. Witness the demise of this once-prestigious rose garden in Dundee, Scotland, which contained “Peacekeeper Roses” planted by (pretty sure that’s a very … Continue reading

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Poison patch: the sequel

In two years, our massive backyard garden patch, once bursting with the kind of insidious hemlock that killed Socrates, has gone from this: To this: To this: No chemicals. No rentals of industrial farm equipment. Just black plastic + the … Continue reading

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Plant porn Phriday: ballsy!

I had to have a root canal this week. That was kinda sad. But life got a lot better when I spotted these gigantic green balls outside my dentist’s office. Now, who — who would sculpt two bushes, almost exactly … Continue reading

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Ya’ll know I’m no master gardener. But some neglect makes even me wince. Or feel superior. Or both. This formerly lovely hosta came to this state in the parking lot of my son’s preschool, which is located in the basement … Continue reading

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Plant porn Phriday: tree hugger

Got wood? This amorous little feller comes to me from my brother-in-law Darryl, who’s actually sent me a treasure trove of plant porn, just waiting for its moment to shine. (He sent it during my shameful hiatus, so it has, … Continue reading

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