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Cray cray for Croton!

Croton. It sounds like something off Star Trek, right? Crotons should have pointy ears and wear tunics, I’m pretty sure. Or have very dark, straight bangs. Or be prone to angry outbursts. But no. Croton is a plant — a … Continue reading

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Plant porn Phriday: vulgar veggie

Thanks to my cousin-in-crime Nicole for this cute lil’ cross-legged carrot. Almost looks like he’s doing the potty dance. He’s sporting quite a bush up top too! (Ba-da-bump) Happy Friday everyone, I’ll be playing in the garden! (Strange, muggy rain … Continue reading

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Forever in green pastures, we ask our way to be

How would St. Francis, patron saint of critters and nature, explain the American obsession with lawn care to God? My mom emailed this piece to me, forwarded by a friend, and from a quick search of the tubes, I can’t … Continue reading

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Give peas a chance

And in the categories of World Gone Mad/Public Officials Who Apparently Don’t Have Any Real Problems to Solve, comes this crazy garden story of a Canadian couple whose awesome kitchen garden is in VIOLATION of town codes. The Huff Post … Continue reading

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Plant porn Phriday: tawdry tater

    I’ve been on a plant porn — and blogger (and, ahem, gardening) vacation for awhile… but couldn’t keep this little nugget to myself any longer. Can you imagine serving this up at the family BBQ? Happy Friday, everyone… … Continue reading

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