Hibernation consternation inspiration celebration

Yeah, I’m a little rusty at this now.

It goes without saying — but hey, that never stops me — that it’s been awhile. Like since New Year’s Day, on which I aspired to a motivation I apparently did not truly feel.

Yeaaaaah. I’m gonna be honest. I was driven back to my poor, neglected chronicle of crimes against nature by a comment from a fellow gardener, which popped up in my email tonight. This blessed being is threatening to send me a picture of a tree, presumably pornographic. Yes, please! I needed a jump start. (That said, I have been hoarding a few plant porn pics sent from friends this winter that I think should see the light soon.)

I was shocked, upon revisiting this once beloved happy space, that people have continued to visit these past few months. Now, I am sure not the SAME people… that would be crazy. But people nonetheless. People looking for porn and nude topiary women and advice on begonia rot. I’m gratified. And inspired enough to write a little something at 1 a.m. on a rainy Tuesday night.

My gorgeous amaryllis is helping too. I am sure I will share way too much on this depressing topic in the days to come, but suffice to say, my basement farm is one hot mess. Or cold, more accurately. And yet — in what I view as a major sign of adulthood and development — my house plants have mostly lived. Yes, I have watered and fed, fussed and fluffed and — most importantly — not ignored and forgotten about them over the winter! And some, like my breathtaking friend above, rewarded me by thriving! (While others, like the little transplanted succulent, who never really took to his new home, are barely hanging on.)

Still… for a gal who couldn’t keep a cactus alive until moving to the sticks a few years ago, it’s a big step. I admit to being a wee bit proud. Especially of this amaryllis, which honored me with this amazing display after a year of dormancy… and a replant. I did a little reading, followed directions and voila! Beauty.

My plants are always teaching me something, it seems. This winter’s lesson: if I can see you –as in, you are right in my face, climbing up the windows of my living room –I can pay attention. Enough to not fail.

But if you are in a cold and uninviting basement, generally out of my sight line, it’s not looking good for you. Like everyone else, I’m sure, I like OUTSIDE gardening much, much better. And good news: spring is less than a week away!


About plantkiller

Paysha Rhone is a wife, mother, former-journalist-turned-PR-maven and bad mamajama killing plants in the Victorian splendor of Fitchburg, Massachusetts.
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6 Responses to Hibernation consternation inspiration celebration

  1. So glad I could give you a kick in the rear! I need one of those every once in awhile myself. It’s good to be networking outside of facebook. P.S. I share your distaste for mums. What’s your opinion on poinsettias?

    • plantkiller says:

      Ah, that kick felt good!
      I am not a huge fan of poinsettias. I have to say I don’t HATE them, but… meh. They’re just too Christmas. I also do that rather reluctantly, so there you go!

      • Ah, how nice it is to connect with like-minds. Poinsettias remind me of Christmas at great grandma’s house. She had one of those faux ones with fiber optic lights on it. To this day it still disturbs me.
        I also don’t want a dead cat on my hands…

      • plantkiller says:

        It’s good to have company when hating on plants, haha! That does sounds very disturbing. You should take a picture, hahaha!

      • Luckily I think the family opted to dispose of it when she passed. I do not recollect seeing it this past Christmas but I may have learned to just block it out over the years. Maybe I’ll take pictures of grandma’s massive collection of ceramic chickens instead.

      • plantkiller says:

        I would like to see that pic!

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