Labor Day, fer real

Invasion of the pod people

I started out the holler-day weekend right with a full day of yard work… today? Yesterday? (I guess it’s the wee hours of Sunday now, so we’ll just say Saturday.) I felt like I had not been out there for weeks — except to water and do hurricane prep — and I’ve been feeling itchy to grub around. It was a beautiful sunny day, just muggy enough to get a good sweat going. I wanted to be out there forever, covered in dirt, running around with the wheelbarrow. (But alas, I did have to come in the house a few times.)

The report:

++ As you can seen, above, my husband found a rather large bee’s nest in the eunoymous bush on the patio. He was pruning the top, trying to fix the butchering I gave it a few months ago, when he noticed there were suddenly a lot of bees around him. He started swatting at them, but then thought better of it, as he still had the pruning shears in his hand and did not “want to end up on YouTube, stabbing my eye out, trying to kill a bee.” (I would never put him on YouTube, honest!) Then he got stung. And then he saw the nest, all nestled in the bush where the toddler throws his balls and toys all the time. Nice. He went out tonight — right before dark, when “they’re all home,” he said — and hit it hard with two cans of bee-killing poison. I hope they’re gone tomorrow! Isn’t it creepy looking? (He just accused me of wanting to examine it. Yes, please!)

The coneflowers finally got dead-headed today... curious to see if that helps them bloom more

++ I got my first random yard compliment EVER. I was on my hands and knees, bum all up in the air (real pretty, I’ll tell you what), weeding the Happy Bed, when a woman pulled up in her car and said, “I always love to look at all your pretty flowers in spring.” Awww… now it’s been a few months since spring (Hello, September)… and, of course, I just laughed and said, yeah, now it seems to be all about clean-up. But STILL. That was sweeeeeet.


++ My hot pink bee balm — the formerly beautiful one — has also come down with a bad case of the powdery mildews. Huge bummer. I hacked it to the ground and tried the aforementioned DIY solution of water, baking soda and dishwashing liquid. We’ll see how it goes. Guess the big question is whether these plants will come back next year healthy. And whether my wicked DIY mix will kill any of the surrounding lillies or hosta.

++ I pulled out one of my Million Bells plants out front, just yanked it out all heartlessly. It was looking HARD. Like it just died and turned into little brown sticks instantly. I’m blaming the nut shavings. The two remaining Million Bells have a few flowers, but look not long for this world. I am contemplating how to keep a little color going in front of the house for the next few months. (Mums need not apply!)

++ And… in a massive surge of DIY fervor, I finally cleaned my sun porch furniture cushions, also with a recipe I found online. (Warm water, Borax and dishwashing liquid. Followed by some strangely-named laundry soap and fabric protector.) It’s a multi-step cleaning process, which I am actually trying to follow. Must do something to get rid of those icky stains and sort-of mildew-looking spots. Feeling very Martha about the whole thing, I must say. Part II tomorrow: more scrubbing and saturating.

I, too, always clean in a crisp white shirt

Weather report says thunder storms may be coming tomorrow, so glad I got out today.

So much awesome, grubby, sweaty work to be done!


About plantkiller

Paysha Rhone is a wife, mother, former-journalist-turned-PR-maven and bad mamajama killing plants in the Victorian splendor of Fitchburg, Massachusetts.
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2 Responses to Labor Day, fer real

  1. LaNeia says:

    Why no mums? Too overdone? What else can we do for some Fall color? Really, no, what should I do?

  2. plantkiller says:

    Yeah, I actually feel a post coming on re: mums. I just intensely dislike them! Except Spider Mums, which I bought in a bouquet once and are cool… I am interested in why we hate certain plants. I know a few people who hate mums too. I think they remind us of old ladies, haha! On the other question: I really don’t know yet. It’s looking pretty grim out there! Maybe some berries?

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