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My begonia lab part I

So… I mentioned I got some begonia cuttings and leaves from Wanda “The Butcher” Mcnair, right? The octogenarian American Begonia Society queen and revered speaker at Tower Hill Botanic Garden. Well, time for some details on my booty and a … Continue reading

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Down the rabbit hole: plantkiller in begonia land

I stumbled into a strange and oddly exhilarating world yesterday… the secret society of Begonia lovers. (OK, it’s not so secret. The Buxton Branch of the American Begonia Society meets at the Wellesley Library and even advertises co-potlucks with the … Continue reading

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Plant porn Phriday: greenie weenie

I think this might be an appropriate Phriday to kick off plantkiller’s first contest: Name That Plant Porn! I really wish I knew what this is. It’s hilarious. It even casts an impressive shadow. A big thanks goes to my … Continue reading

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Poison shmoison

Poison, reveal thyself! In an interesting and joyous turn of events, I have now become convinced the above is definitely NOT Poison Ivy. So soothing. A huge relief. I was not enjoying contemplating the seven-years-of-poisonous-oily-soil-scenario and wondering how the hell … Continue reading

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Funny fakey flora

I’ve been driving by these really pretty plants for a few months now on Route 12 in Fitchburg. They made my head snap. I kept wondering… what are they? Is that some kind of really tall and skinny variegated Hosta? … Continue reading

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Effing frost?

Had a little scare yesterday that led to a major plant evacuation operation last night. Someone posted a little Boston Globe piece on Facebook that claimed a FROST might be coming our way. Yikes! Given all my sweet little plans … Continue reading

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Plant porn Phriday: impatiens for you

I’m not totally sure why this pink Impatiens is so porno… it just is. Happy Friday everyone! And a big thanks to my favorite Backyard Biologist photographer, Ally Via, who is probably teaching science to Boston Public kids as we … Continue reading

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