Spear from the sky


Feeling very lucky tonight: Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene left us completely unscathed. All my extra water, flashlights, batteries, board games and candles were for naught. Up on the hill in Fitchburg, we got nothing but heavy rain and some strong wind. All my plants are even intact, all the blooms still on the revived Begonias. Whew.

This branch is the most dangerous thing that happened in our yard. It fell from a nearby (not-doing-so-well, actually) Norway Maple and speared directly into the ground. Would have been pretty disconcerting to be outside when that guy whizzed past. It looks like I planted a new tree in the middle of the yard. It’s weird to consider the force it must have taken to lodge it in the ground like that.

But anyway. We’ve been in the house all day; some small folks are a little bored, but we have power and all our windows. This was my first “hurricane.” I had no idea what to expect. (So I probably overdid it a little with the crazy-lady prep and forcing my older son to come home from NYC.) It’s weird, because when nothing happened in our own neighborhood today, the storm seemed pretty benign… locally anyway. But then, on Facebook tonight, I saw a ton of pics people posted of uprooted trees and cracked sidewalks in Boston. Folks telling of trees crashing through their decks and cars getting smashed. Makes me wonder what I’ll see when I drive around town tomorrow. Fitchburg’s local paper doesn’t exactly cover the news in real-time. I wonder if there’s flooding anywhere? (Husband drove the son home to Manhattan tonight, so guess I’ll get a full report later on life Outside.)

Like I said, feeling very fortunate. So many people on the East Coast still without power, with some reports saying it may take as long as a week to get everyone juiced up again. Like I was telling my kid tonight, our sense of the storm’s seriousness would be completely different if we were sitting in the dark right now, or drinking water out of the giant jugs from BJ’s.  I was so worried about it, it’s kind of hard to believe it’s over, with the storm blowing into Canada right now.

The wind is howling through the trees outside and it’s still pouring. And my mind is on all the people who suffered damage elsewhere. Or worse.


About plantkiller

Paysha Rhone is a wife, mother, former-journalist-turned-PR-maven and bad mamajama killing plants in the Victorian splendor of Fitchburg, Massachusetts.
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