Don’t know how to quit yeeeeew

Riders on the storm

I am tiiiiiiiired.

Spent all day running around, trying to prepare for whatever Hurricane Irene’s bringing our way tomorrow. I was super nerdy today. Got my little Red Cross check list and did… some of it. (Decided to forgo boarding up the windows or pasting little masking tape Xs across them. But only because NO ONE else in town is doing it.)

I am cautious.

I made my 23-year-old son come home from his evacuated neighborhood in NYC because I couldn’t stand worrying about him. (Made his dad drive down and get him. I know, I know…you can laugh at me, Marv. But you’ll be alive to laugh!) I went to BJ’s (for the west coast folks, that’s like Costco) and I bought three giant office-cooler sized bottles of water and D batteries and extra flashlights and non-perishable food. (That was hard — what kind of food doesn’t need to be cooked or refrigerated? Nothing very good, I’ll tell you that much.) And a new cooler and some ice. I got cash and extra lighters for the candles and gassed up the car. I also indulged in a bunch of board games, in case we need something to do by candlelight when the power goes out: Clue, Scrabble, Chess, Checkers and Sorry! Too bad they were out of Battle Ship at Toys ‘R Us.

And after all that shopping and list-making, I tried to de-Hurricane the yard and patio. In came Delores’ campaign sign. And the patio chairs. And baby’s bin of He-Man toys that he plays with while I weed — Castle Gray Skull and Skelator and Battle Cat. And the barbecue grill and wheelbarrow and random flower pots. And I moved all my planters on to the sun porch — The Lobelia, which is baaaaaack, and the Impatiens, which have also made a miraculous recovery, and the little pots of Sweet Potato vines and so forth. (I am wondering if they will eventually need to come inside-inside?)

And then I contemplated my new purple and green Fish Net Stockings Coleus. I am so in love with it. I plan to bring it in over the winter and make it a house plant and maybe play with splitting off some vines and making some new plants for next spring. I debated… should I dig it up and bring it in? Will it be sad? But what if the 80-mile-per-hour winds rip it up and shred it?

I just couldn’t take that chance. Is that weird?

Hunkered down

I am really sad to leave the recovered Begonias outside, but I don’t think moving them — again — is a good idea. Whatever will be, will be. It’s damn near September anyway.

Looks like the Hurricane is making its way up the coast, as expected. Hangin’ tough.


About plantkiller

Paysha Rhone is a wife, mother, former-journalist-turned-PR-maven and bad mamajama killing plants in the Victorian splendor of Fitchburg, Massachusetts.
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