It don’t begone yet

A miraculous recovery

Heyyyyyyyyy… one of my dying begonias is BLOOMING! For REAL! I begged for a sign, a bone, a little something to make me believe… and it appeared, like a vision in the dirt.

A few tiny little red flowers never made anyone happier, I am sure of it. (Especially after my Clematis butchering incident.)

Are you there God? It’s me, plantkiller.

Sweet Mary, mother of God. And Joseph.

So, I was out doing my daily Coleus fussing watering (I’m convinced one day in this heat without a drink will make them irreparably sad and so far, so good on that particular strategy) when I noticed the little blooms. You all might remember I recently reported this waterlogged, dying wax leaf begonia I’d experimentally moved into the Coleus bed did seem to be standing a little taller lately (though with munched-on leaves). Meanwhile, his twin on the shady porch wilted beyond all wilted-ness. (And yes, these begonias are “he” plants, no offense to the mens, who I do love.)

And now we have blooms!

Walking Tall... can you smell what the Rock is cooking?

I immediately moved his comatose friend into the same bed… though, it must be said, he’s further down the row, in a slightly sunnier spot. Still, I now have hope.

time will tell

I saw that some poor anonymous soul ended up in my realm recently by googling “overwatered begonias” or somesuch. (Site stats are freaky like that!) First, I am touched that you appear to be a complete stranger reading my crazy blog (though apparently for advice, which is a little frightening). And second, I am thrilled that this might be the first time I can actually help someone. This plant was DYING… and now it’s baaaaaaaack.

So, for that desperate, begonia-overwatering gardener (and anyone else walking our shameful path), here is what I did. After over watering two large and leafy, beautiful wax begonias and immediately noting the impending rot and soggy destruction, I backed waaaaaay off. Let them dry the hell out. (Take that, ungrateful bastards!) I thought about leaving them in their plastic pots on my shady porch, but moved one into the garden when they became disturbingly limp. I left the other on the porch as a sort of control. I picked a fairly shady spot — gets some dapple throughout the day — next to a stone wall, where Coleus thrives. The transplant immediately lost the few flowers it still had and flopped down like a drunk in his bed. I took great care NOT to water it often, even as I gave daily drinks to the nearby Coleus and Clematis (sigh).

It started to perk up… stand up… and taller… and then bloomed. Maybe yesterday even?

Hooray for small victories!

Stay tuned for the fate of begonia no. 2.

(And thanks to my husband for the punny title, all late at night, even. I am not that funny.)


About plantkiller

Paysha Rhone is a wife, mother, former-journalist-turned-PR-maven and bad mamajama killing plants in the Victorian splendor of Fitchburg, Massachusetts.
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