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Spear from the sky

Feeling very lucky tonight: Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene left us completely unscathed. All my extra water, flashlights, batteries, board games and candles were for naught. Up on the hill in Fitchburg, we got nothing but heavy rain and some strong … Continue reading

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Don’t know how to quit yeeeeew

I am tiiiiiiiired. Spent all day running around, trying to prepare for whatever Hurricane Irene’s bringing our way tomorrow. I was super nerdy today. Got my little Red Cross check list and did… some of it. (Decided to forgo boarding … Continue reading

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Plant porn Phriday: ballsy

Today’s sunny yellow plant porn comes courtesy of my dear friend Nicole, who chronicled these ballsy tomatoes inĀ  her St. Paul, Minnesota garden. (I can’t say Minnesota without hearing it in a Scandinavian accent, with a long, undulating oooooooooo. Ja. … Continue reading

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It’s raining crap

Look at all the shizatt raining down on my yard from an evil Horse Chestnut tree in front of our house. (Thanks to Ben from Central Mass Gardens, who ID’ed all our trees last year, I can name the culprit.) … Continue reading

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La la lobelia

So… I might still be the Cooler. There is ample evidence I am not, uh, naturally gifted in the botanical arts. And yet… I see definite improvement. I have a few new tricks. (Reading, uh, and consulting other gardeners helps, … Continue reading

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Please-release-me petunias

If this keeps up, I’m going to need a petunia-love category. But ahhhhh… witness this tenacious little vine, which managed to grow DOWN the (dark) inside wall of this fairly tall planter, OUT the bottom and into the road. Shooting … Continue reading

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Guess this might be a good time to ‘fess up to my biggest garden challenge. I’ve been saving this one… because it’s so MONSTROUS. And also a bit perplexing, along with annoying, sad and even painful. First, let’s stop to … Continue reading

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