Little house in the hibiscus

Seeing out is overrated

These gorgeous flowering bushes (trees?) have me in danger of crashing on Route 12 in Leominster, Mass., every time I drive by. I got tired of craning and pulled over this morning to document this amazing place… you can barely see the little house! Which, by the way, is for sale or lease. Or they will “build to suit” on the property.

I would just like to buy or lease these bushes, please.

I sent the pics to my best friend Erica, the genius floral designer, and sure enough, she identified them immediately: “Hibiscus, commonly known as the Rose of Sharon.” She added this is the same tropical plant I killed* last year and loved, but a “heartier” version. I need to get some of these. Hearty is a great word for a plant. (Unless you’re a begonia and then you can kiss my you-know-what.)

(Side note: every rookie gardener should have a kind, enthusiastic botanically-gifted friend to text pictures to, right? Text-an-expert….textpert… lucky me.)

Here’s a close-up. I heart Hibiscus!

* Full disclosure: she tactfully did not say killed; she said “had.” Gracias, friend.


About plantkiller

Paysha Rhone is a wife, mother, former-journalist-turned-PR-maven and bad mamajama killing plants in the Victorian splendor of Fitchburg, Massachusetts.
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2 Responses to Little house in the hibiscus

  1. LaNeia says:

    And these flowers live for so long. Its so bushy this bush. Kind of weedy in that sense, but really nice. Something maybe for REALLY far away from your house. Maybe as a backdrop to other things, but seems if you don’t hack it back, it will take over. I mean, that’s what its doing at that house. But the flowers are so pretty.

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