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Dog pee delusions? Or poisoned patch?

Ever hate a neighbor? This story takes over-the-fence feuds to a whole new level. And this time, plants were caught in the crossfire. Guy Stephen Brinkley, a 43-year-old Knoxville, Tenn., gardener, is making news for accusing neighbors of poisoning his … Continue reading

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Psycho killer

I just did something really stupid. I feel really, really sad about this. I don’t drink very often, but I think I could use a little bubbly right now, for sure. (This is one of those things you don’t even … Continue reading

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Plant porn Phriday: phallic flora

Happy Friday, friends! Once again, I have fabulous Backyard Biology photographer Ally Via to thank for this lovely up-close-and-personal shot of Bleeding Heart. (She says it looks like the guy on the far right is the only one who’s circumcised!) … Continue reading

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Cousin It

I’m pretty excited about this amazingly awesome, very hairy plant. Apparently it’s called a hakonechloa. (Ha-ka-whata?) I see it on my route to schlep the baby to daycare in the mornings. Had no idea what it was until Garden Rant … Continue reading

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Hoes up, plants down

Had to break out the hoe this week. It turns out, the blazing sun may not be the only thing plaguing my new plants. (Especially the aforementioned fried Yarrow and wilting Gay Feather.) Sad confession: I may not have planted … Continue reading

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Little house in the hibiscus

These gorgeous flowering bushes (trees?) have me in danger of crashing on Route 12 in Leominster, Mass., every time I drive by. I got tired of craning and pulled over this morning to document this amazing place… you can barely … Continue reading

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Very, very verbena

It’s taken me some time, but I’ve mostly filled in the very sad, dried-out beds near my front porch. (Nothing says “Welcome” like a dirt desert at the front door, right?) Here’s a little “before” to jog your memories. (I … Continue reading

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