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Flower jackers, part I

I’ve been thinking a lot about flower jackers lately. This is not a common term, by the way. Google it and you get almost nothing about the thieves who break the hearts of gardeners everywhere, seemingly without remorse. An old … Continue reading

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Rainy, rainy, rainy day

It poured like crazy all day long today… a good excuse to do no gardening. I am all talk. I sat inside wondering how my new planters were faring in the downpour. Would the deluge help or hinder the clear-cut … Continue reading

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Hope really does spring (or summer?) eternal

1:51 am Tuesday June 21 first day of summer Tonight, at midnight, I made my first planters of the season. I know it’s June. First day of summer. But I’ve been busy. And uninspired. And nursing old wounds from laaaast … Continue reading

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